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Gregory Ellermann, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist


Dr. Ellerman is currently not taking any new clients.

I know that one’s choice of a counselor is very important, so please allow me to share a bit about myself and my approach to counseling. For me, the well-being of my clients is of utmost importance. I develop a professional relationship based on trust and confidence. In more than 25 years of professional practice, I partner with clients to understand and address their personal concerns, set goals together and help them to make desired changes for personal growth. My style in therapy is relational and integrative, based on the whole person. My approach to counseling is evidence-based, such as from CBT and solution-focused perspectives. I am a Christian, and my faith is central to me as a person and professional. I integrate a faith-based approach into my counseling according to your preference, recognizing that we are all on unique journeys. I develop a trusting and collaborative relationship, established in professionalism and respect.

As a licensed Psychologist in Missouri and Kansas, my professional experience includes treating a full range of problem areas, such as anxiety, depression, trauma, addiction, grief, and health-related concerns. I enjoy working with couples, and I can facilitate premarital and couples assessments as a Prepare/Enrich facilitator, and I can help to address relationship distress and marital problems. If you are experiencing a personal crisis or difficulty making career and life transition, I can team with you professionally to develop solutions and ‘walk alongside’ you through the difficulty. I treat adults in individual, couples, and family therapy, both in person and online. I have been a Provider in a variety of behavioral healthcare settings, so I am comfortable with diagnostics and psychological assessments as needed and can coordinate with medical providers at your request. At various periods of my career, I have provided professional/clinical supervision with counselors-in-training toward their licensure, and this is a service I enjoy and continue to offer.

My wife and are long-time residents of Kansas City (over 30 years), where we raised our three sons. In terms of my academic training, I studied for my doctorate at State University of New York at Albany in Counseling Psychology, after finishing my Master of Psychology at the University of Missouri-Columbia. I completed my professional internship at Western Missouri Mental Health Center in Kansas City. In my hobbies, I enjoy outdoor activities, such as hiking and canoeing. I am learning to fly fish, and I love to grill.

In my professional life and experience, I recently retired as a Clinical Psychologist with the Army, primarily as a civilian Provider. My positions included Chief of Psychiatry and Psychology at Munson Army Health Center at Ft. Leavenworth. I also served in uniform when I deployed to Iraq in 2004-2005 as an Army officer and Clinical Psychologist. My commitment and outreach to veterans and members of the Armed Forces and their families remain strong. As part of my Army career, I had the opportunity to work as a Clinical Psychologist with the Army Physical Fitness Research Institute, an executive health and fitness program. In that position, I was a contributing author of the “Leader Development Guide to Health and Fitness”. I offered personal coaching in leadership and family life, personal wellness, and health and fitness. Coaching is a vital service, which I can offer in a variety of professional contexts and areas.


My professional experience also includes previous positions as Team Leader/Psychologist for child/adolescent and adult inpatient units. Earlier in my career, I was Program Coordinator and Psychologist for an outpatient mental illness and substance addiction program.

I look forward to providing service to you as a member of the New Leaf Counseling team and consulting with you about how I can assist you in your life path.




What if my spouse/partner or family member won’t or can’t attend the counseling?

Individual counseling can still be beneficial for personal and relationship health. Later your loved one may want to participate, too. 


Where is your office for counseling sessions?

Primarily I provide counseling at our Country Club Plaza location. I also can provide counseling online by arrangement using our HIPAA-compliant platform.


How often do we meet for therapy sessions?

Usually, I try to meet weekly with my clients initially to establish their counseling goals and process, and then decrease in frequency at the client’s readiness and progress.


How much do you charge?

My fee is $210 per hour for professional time. I also try to extend grace and flexibility, so sessions that may briefly go past the hour due to therapy wrap-up would not accrue an additional fee. (Extended sessions are billed in additional 15 minute increments)

What is the Legacy Program?

The Legacy Program is a gift to your loved-one of the counseling fees for care.  For example, a parent or grandparent may pay the counseling fees for an adult child or grandchild as a legacy-gift toward their well-being.  The three requirements of the Legacy Program are 1) that the prospective client (your loved-one) is willing to participate in counseling with myself, 2) agrees to your sponsorship, and that 3) you would NOT get personal health information (no reports or updates) from myself or the Practice about the therapy.  (Instead we would expect that you might talk with your loved-one directly concerning what they may want to share about their counseling).  Just mention the Legacy Program in your Inquiry and I would coordinate appropriately.  The Legacy Program requires specific consents.

Do you take insurance?

No, but I do take some Health Savings Account (HSA) cards and provide superbills.


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