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About Us

About Our Therapists

New Leaf Counseling Center is a non-profit agency with a collaborative group of counselors devoted to the reconciliation of relationships and the healing process of individuals. We focus on our client's needs through appropriate assessment, meaningful relationship-building techniques, and supportive resources... all for the sake of the client's growth. As an agency, we strive to take a multi-faceted approach in the treatment of the whole person.

Our Counseling Team

New Leaf Counseling Team
Our Counseling Team

We know seeking help can be a difficult step. It takes courage to take that step forward, to pick up the phone, to ask for help. Below, you can get to know a little bit about each of our staff members, their backgrounds and areas of expertise, or even contact them directly. 

Kristyn Georges, M.A., PLPC
Kelli McKinney, M.A., LPC, PMH-C, NCC
Sean Sears Pastoral Counselor


What type of counseling is provided?

We believe that a biblical worldview is paramount in the counseling process, but also find that there are very useful tools and techniques in many of the counseling theories used today, therefore we take an integrative approach. We provide Christ-centered and solution-focused counseling based upon biblical hope and principles. Our goal is to be both clinically descriptive and biblically prescriptive. Each counselor specializes in various areas of counseling.

What about confidentiality?

Confidentiality is paramount, and each individual that inquires about our counseling services or that is seen by one of our counselors will be treated as such. The confidentiality agreement is explained in detail during the initial intake session.

What are your fees?​

We are committed to providing each and every client with the highest level of care possible, regardless of their socioeconomic status or level of income. With this commitment in mind, we have discovered that in order to maintain client dignity, and to facilitate a higher level of client commitment to the treatment process, it is advantageous to charge all clients a fee of some amount. Each counselor sets their own fees, which will be discussed during the initial intake session.

Do you accept insurance?​

Currently, some of our counselors accept HSA/FSA card payments, but not all of them. In addition, each counselor is authorized to adjust their fees as they deem necessary on a case by case basis. Counseling fees are typically discussed during the initial intake session, but you are welcome to connect with one of our counselors to see if your HSA/FSA card can be utilized. 

Sean Ruthrauff, M.A., Biblical Counselor
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