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Support Group Meeting

Unwanted:  Gain freedom from unwanted sexual behavior

When facing unwanted sexual behaviors like porn use, intrusive thoughts, or infidelity, many do not know where to seek help. With the prominent question of "How Did I Get Here?", the theory is that unwanted behaviors are a roadmap to healing, not a life sentence of shame or stigma. New Leaf Counseling is offering a small, intensive, class that uses Dr. Jay Stringer's book, Unwanted: How Sexual Brokenness Reveals Our Way to Healing. We will explore the key drivers and origins of unwanted sexual behaviors. With these resources, over 100,000 men and women have been led on a journey to healing. 

This weekly program is guided by New Leaf Counseling's Executive Director, Sean Ruthrauff, a Certified Guide for the Unwanted curriculum. Sean will compassionately guide you on a journey of understanding regarding where you've come from and be your ally as you choose where you go from here.

In this program, he will help you learn how to:

  • Engage with your personal story of brokenness or trauma

  • Recognize your re-enactments or reversals of trauma

  • Discuss rigid or disengaged family systems 

  • Identify core experiences of deprivation, entitlement, distraction, futility, lust, and anger

  • Address your lust and anger, and increase in self-awareness

  • Know your own values, strength, and wisdom derived from your experiences

  • Establish regular routines for healthy self-care practices

  • Understand your role in building healthy relationships and boundaries

  • Choose a mission, purpose, or community to facilitate forward motion in life

Engaging in your story with honor and honesty

Upon completion of this course, you will recognize the historical context and patterns of your behaviors so that you can experience healing and transformative change. 

Unwanted by Jay Stringer

This if for you if
You have ever...

  • Felt like unwanted sexual behavior is a hindrance to your life, or that you’re enslaved to it

  • Attempted other programs that treat addiction or compulsions in regards to porn or sex, but are still addicted or relapsing

  • Tried controlling unwanted sexual behaviors by relying solely on willpower

  • Completed formal treatment, rehab, or another program, and still feel at risk of a relapse

  • Lost your spouse or significant other, kids, friendships, house, job, etc. because of issues related to unwanted sexual behavior

Excavate your Story

The Unwanted Group will focus on men wanting to address unwanted sexual behaviors in their lives. Utilizing the book Unwanted by Jay Stringer as a launching point, this group will encourage you to explore the “why” behind your unwanted sexual behaviors and support you as you begin to move beyond the frustration of simply trying to “manage lust” and the behaviors associated with it.

Who is this for? - This Unwanted Group is an excellent option for men at any stage of genuinely working to heal and grow beyond unwanted sexual behaviors. This group is relevant at any level; from someone who just “stumbles every once in a while”, to any man who feels stuck in their crippling and chronic patterns, affairs, betrayals, and anywhere in between - there is something to gain from this group.

When? - Starting July 9th - Tuesday Evenings from 6 - 8 pm Central Time for 10 weeks

Where? - Online in a Virtual Group Setting (if there is enough interest and all are local to the Kansas City area, there may be an option to meet in person at the Prairie Village office.)


Cost - $1300 (payment plans available)

What's Included:

  • 10 group sessions (20 hours) of in-depth Group Work with Sean Ruthrauff, who brings over a decade of facilitation experience with this specific focus

  • Two Individual Consults with Sean ($330 at normal rates)

  • Sexual Behavior Self Assessment Included ($20 value)

  • "Heart of Man" film ($25 value)

  • Unwanted Digital Workbook ($25 value)

  • "4 Triggers" E-Book 

  • Lifetime access to the Journey Course with 18 full-length teaching episodes ($300 value)

  • 18 Learning Modules to interact with throughout your journey 

  • Jay Stringer's book, "Unwanted: How Sexual Brokenness Reveals Our Way to Healing"


*Note - New Leaf Groups are not therapy and are not designed as a replacement for therapy.

Register below (limited enrollment to allow for sufficient small group participation)

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