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Kristyn Georges, MA, PLPCEMDR Trained

Kristyn Georges, MA, PLPC, EMDR Trained

Navigating through life can be disorienting at times, even for the strongest individuals. Like a wilderness guide, I can support and equip you through the terrain in which you’re feeling stuck or fatigued. Through enduring life’s valleys and hilltops alike and professional training, I am qualified to counsel effectively with integrity, insight, and empathy. I received extensive education and training in clinical mental health counseling from MidAmerica Nazarene University and earned a Master of Arts in biblical counseling from Calvary University.

I enjoy working with adult men and women. My primary focus has been on working with college students and young professionals, women, and athletes working through anxiety, grief, injury or illness, perfectionism, trauma, and the reappraisal of one’s relationships and interpersonal patterns.

My aim is for therapy to be both efficient and comprehensive and to fine-tune a holistic approach for every individual within a biblical worldview. I enjoy utilizing psychodynamic therapies and EMDR (an efficient brain-based therapy demonstrated to be effective in resolving anxiety and trauma at the roots) along with elements of cognitive behavioral approaches. I am also pleased to offer biblical counseling and skills-based psychoeducation like DBT to empower you to cope as you truly heal.

Whether you feel hindered by present circumstances or traumas that won’t stay in your past, I can help you parse through and reprocess these complexities so that you can establish the life you long for. I’ve successfully helped clients manage or overcome anxiety disorders, interpersonal distress, obsessive-compulsive tendencies, PTSD, shame, grief, and faith crises. Wherever you are, we will explore and develop together a unique “map” that will guide you towards wholeness and abundance in Christ. 

Please click the “Get Started” button if you have any questions or want to schedule a session. 

I am available to see clients in person at the Plaza location, and I can offer telehealth services to Missouri residents. I am currently pursuing independent clinical licensure and under supervision with Kelli McKinney, MA, LPC, NCC, PMH-C  (License #: 2013038294).


Where is your office for counseling sessions?

Primarily, I provide in-person counseling at our Country Club Plaza location. I can also conduct online sessions via a HIPAA-compliant platform for residents of Missouri. 

How often do we meet for therapy sessions?

Initially, I recommend meeting weekly to increase clients’ likelihood of experiencing the most immediate and enduring positive changes (see article), then a reduction in frequency based on clients’ readiness and progress.


How much do you charge?

$100/50-mins. I try to extend grace and flexibility so that sessions that may extend briefly past the scheduled time due to therapy wrap-up would not accrue an additional fee.

Do you take insurance?

No, but I provide a receipt for services which you may submit to your insurance provider for possible reimbursement toward your out-of-network deductible. Some people prefer to pay without insurance involvement as this provides the most privacy to you as the client and the most autonomy over the focus, frequency, and duration of care. 


What’s next?

Please complete the Inquiry Form or email me to get in touch. I will coordinate with you to answer questions or concerns that you may have before starting and discuss scheduling options. 

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