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Exercises For Everyones Mental Health

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Depression can be triggered by many different factors in your life. Sometimes supplements, journaling and medications can help combat the issue. The problem is that these tactics may not work for you and may not be something that you are willing to do, want to do, or think will be ideal for your lifestyle. If you are looking for a different way to combat your depression, consider exercising as an option. Here are a some you can try.


Running is a full body, cardio workout, that not only helps with weight loss but can also give your stress an outlet and help with your emotional health through endorphins being released while you run. You can do it at home, in a gym, or outdoors.

Running helps your depression by getting your body moving, getting stress out of your system, and helping you focus on something other than your depression and issues.

You can set goals for yourself, run races with friends and find a new self esteem and goal point that can bring you out of your depression and help your body begin to work at its optimal level.


If you are looking for a workout that changes things up nearly every day and helps you focus on something other than your depression, think about Crossfit as a method. There are multiple methods that may work for you and can work with any physical issues you may have. Crossfit workouts offer you the chance to get a high intensity workout in a short amount of time. The reasons this can be helpful is because it puts your body through different paces and allows you to work muscle groups and areas you may not normally work that have been affected by depression and depression related pain and stiffness.

These exercises can be done as a combination for a workout routine or with other exercises to help give you a full workout with the depression fighting options. Either way, give them a try and see how they work for you.


Yoga is one technique that you can use as a form of exercise to ease depression. There are multiple styles of yoga. All include breathing and stretching techniques and some give you full body workouts while others give you full cardio options- the choice is yours.

One of the reasons that yoga is listed as an exercise for your depression is because of the way that it helps you become more mindful of your body.

Another reason is because the stretching and breathing techniques often help you quiet your body and mind and help you find emotional release.

Include You Kids

You can also implement practicing yoga with your kids and it has shown to help alleviate anxiety or depression for them. An excellent way to help a child with anxiety is to have them do yoga with you. Not only are there are a lot of important physical benefits, but emotional and mental benefits as well.

Kids with anxiety will find that they are able to relax more often and even avoid major anxiety attacks by doing yoga on a regular basis.

Breathing Exercises Relieve Anxiety

Through yoga, your child is going to learn how to focus on their breathing. These breathing exercises are not only important during each yoga pose, but they can be extremely efficient at helping with panic attacks and other forms of anxiety.

Breathing exercises is one of the top remedies for a panic attack, so if your child has generalized anxiety disorder or panic disorder, learning the breathing exercises has many benefits.

The Exercise Itself is Soothing

Yoga is a very relaxing exercise that works on strengthening the body and improving flexibility, while also providing a soothing environment. Whether you do yoga with your kids in the living room or bring them to a family-friendly beginner yoga class, it can be a good activity for the entire family.

Yoga Improves Kids’ Self Esteem

When your kids start doing yoga, they will also gain confidence and improve their own self esteem through seeing themselves get stronger.

This can help tremendously helpful, especially with kids who are nearing their teenage years and might not have the best confidence through puberty.

It can also help with kids who have social anxiety feel confident enough to talk to other kids and make some friends.

Whether you experience anxiety, depression or even higher stress than normal, making time for physical activity can only be helpful. By including your family and modeling prioritizing physical health, you will grow with you kids in strength, connection and mental health.

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